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Swamped Saturdays

Frenzied. Lively. Crowded. These are words one could use to describe a typical Saturday night at the Pig in the summer. But this summer is special; you can add 'amusing' to the list.

Saturday is "check-in" day on the island. Last week's visitors depart as this week's visitors arrive. Traffic on I-95 is congested as thousands of vacationers are flocking to our 12 mile island for their week-long stay with their loved ones. It seems that every person in every car jammed in traffic ends up on our aisles on these hot and hectic summer evenings.

To shove even more people in our store on Saturday evenings we host a fundraiser, "bagging for bucks," where local youth sports teams, church groups, and various clubs bag groceries for donations to help continue running their organizations.

Temperatures are in the upper 90's (or higher), the staff is working long work weeks, and we are coming into contact with hundreds of people per day. We are a bit tired, but we do love our jobs and our boss does a wonderful job of constantly reminds us why, by adding a little fun into each shift.

David, owner, rocking his parrot hat on wacky hat night

This fearless leader I speak of, David Martin, is the most hard-working and hilarious man any of us have ever met. It is really no wonder that, thanks to his idea, the whole staff is dressed up to a pre-assigned theme every Saturday night. Our themes thus far have included; wacky hat, patriotic, Hawaiian luau, tacky tourist and coming up this Saturday... Piglet theme! It is the best way to boost morale in our staff while also giving our visitors, who have been driving for 10+ hours, a good laugh.

So while we would like to think we were always an amusing bunch, now you can come to the Pig on a Saturday and enjoy the extra-festive mayhem completed with costumes... you won't be disappointed!

Liz & Emma on Luau night
Liz, Ellie, Noelle, & Emma on wacky hat night
Payton, cashier, sporting her crab creation on wacky hat night

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