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Family TYES

Although I, now, am involved in multiple departments, I was not always. In fact, it took me a while to figure a lot of things out... including the many family ties among my co-workers. We are all relatively close, and this is a (somewhat) professional environment, so it was not immediately apparent to me that some of my co-workers are actually related.

When my former manager, Kevin, asked Mrs. Brenda (the bookkeeper) if she could watch his kids one evening, I just assumed we were just one big, happy, piggly family... until I realized they were literally blood relatives. Brenda is married to Tye (the produce manager), and they are Kevin's parents. Therefore, Brenda was simply asked to babysit her grandchildren. The pieces were starting to come together.

Brenda and Tye (like the owners, David and Chris) are somehow able to work and live together without killing each other. To some, it may seem just short of a miracle, but to them it seems to come with ease. Tye has a hilariously quirky sense of humor, and Brenda just gets him; so it works!

They both have worked for the Martin family for more than 30 years and they even got married in the back of the Pig.

The other day Tye and I walked up to Brenda and TJ (the meat department manager, and their nephew... yes, the plot thickens) having a conversation.

"I was just asking TJ about tilapia for dinner," Brenda explained.

"Well, for starters, it's a bottom-feeder," joked Tye.

While Tye is a member of a fishing club and thus is very knowledgeable of numerous types of fish, I don't think that's quite the answer Brenda was looking for. Brenda just rolled her eyes and walked away. That's just how they roll. (ba-dum tssss)

Our Pig family is very close, but some are closer than others!

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