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Liz; Proud Piglet

Singing along to the Top 20 Country Countdown as I ice cinnamon rolls is just one of the many reasons why I'm going on my ninth year working at the Piggly Wiggly in Coligny Plaza.

Over my almost nine years at the good ole Pig, I have taken on a lot of tasks. I am responsible for the bakery and retail departments. I check in vendors, place email orders, and I am a closing manager a few nights a week. While making resumes do get difficult, I would not trade my odd, nameless position for the world. It's all part of the beauty of working in a small, personally owned store.

Not to mention the owner, David, is one of the most hilarious, hard working, and kind-hearted humans I've ever met.

The owner's wife, Chris, does the store's accounting as well as guides me in the retail department which, believe me, is no small task. Their daughter, Kayla, designed the infamous pig butt logo on the back of our t-shirts. Their son, Austin, designed this glorious website as well as works in the seafood department when he visits home. Last but certainly not least, David's 80-something-year-old father, Gene (the former owner), can be found on aisle eight stocking beach goods and asking me to read fine printed numbers on his pricing gun for him.

As I inhale the deliciously sweet scent of cinnamon rolls, I think about how sweet they are and how lucky I am to be a part of this Piggly Wiggly family.

When, equally sweet, Megan (the previous baker here), moved on to work full time for an (awesome) catering company, I assumed the title of the baker. I love baking in my spare time, but the sugary delicious carbs tend to disagree with my crossfitting ways. Baking for the Pig is perfect for me because I get to part-take in the fun of baking and skip out on the eating. (...although, I do occasionally bake an extra cinnamon roll for myself. #guilty)

This grocery store is home for me and I am DEFINITELY Big on the Pig. (Did I mention I'm wearing a shirt that says "Go Pig or Go Home" on it?! yeah... I love my job.) I've collected about 80 pig shirts in my eight year Piggly Wiggly career. This may seem a bit excessive to some, but perfectly acceptable to this proud piglet.

I mean.... have you ever heard of a grocery store with a blog? I didn't think so.

Hope y'all enjoy my posts. Stay tuned for sales, new items, and all things PIG.

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