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One Pig Happy Family; Pt. Two

I absolutely love my job, mainly due to the fact that my boss and co-workers are the most wonderful, hilarious, entertaining, and hard-working people I know. As I asked my fellow piglets this question, I learned that I was not the only one who thought this place rocks nor was I the only one who feels as if we are all one pig happy family!

If you read part one, then you will know that part two involves more piglets (my name for the staff) answering the question, "What is your favorite part about working here?"

James; Seafood/Deli Dept & Night Manager; 8 years

"I love working here because it's a fun environment and we have great seafood."

Mckenna; Cashier; 3 years

"My co-workers, 'cause they're fun."

Gabby; Cashier; 2 years

It's fun. It's like a family... and it's a comfortable place to work... and it's not scary. I've applied at other places and it was SCARY." (well, Gabs... I'm glad we don't scare you!)

Angie; Seafood/Deli Dept.; 18 years

"The customers... our special customers." (I believe Ms. Angie was referring to those who have shopped with us for a long time. We even still have charge accounts... it's awesome.) "And making my world-famous seafood salad," she joked. (but seriously, it's delicious.)

Anthony; Receiving Manager; 4 years

"The people... my friends and family. It's very different here at the Piggly Wiggly. It's fun."

Victoria; Seafood/Deli Dept. & Cashier; 6 years

"My favorite thing is how everyone is a family. We are very close-knit."

Tye; Produce Manager; "Two," he said... I looked up, confused, knowing he has been working here far longer than two years... "TOO damn long!" he joked, laughing. This response was very Tye. 34 years is really how long he's been at the Pig.

"Meeting and greeting the customers... you meet a lot of interesting people."

Kelly; Cashier; 4 years

"Well, obviously, Mr. Martin and my co-workers. I don't know, I just love my job!"

Earnest; Stocker; 2 years

"Working dairy is my favorite." Why? "I've been doing it 17 years, I guess I'm just used to it." (I'm sure Earnest also loves all of us piglets.)

Ellie; Bagger; 3 months

"The people and the friendly environment."

Dora; Seafood/Deli Dept. & Cashier; "I forgot... long enough to love it." Dora's been with us about 3 years

"The people... my boss. Mr. David, he's a fun person to work for. I love the experience he puts me through. Cleaning, he says it's what I do best. I just love working here. Big on the pig!"

Harper; Cashier; 3 years

"The people that I work with. They're all nice and fun."

Preston; Seafood/Deli Dept.; 4 years

"Liz." (I did not help with his answer at all.)

Megan; Cashier; 6 years

"Meeting everyone from different parts of the country and world. Not only the customers are great, but the employees too. It's hard to have a bad day."

Ann; Cashier; 8 years

"My favorite part of working here is that we all get to know each other really well. We all work together as a team and help out. And David, which is my boss, is a very caring person who I can talk to when I have a problem with anything on the job. And overall, I love what I do and helping the customers. We're all one, big, happy, Pig family." I couldn't have said it any better myself, Ann.

The proof is in the pudding, people! (This is a weird saying. But I am fond of it and glad I got to use it publicly.)

That's all, folks!

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