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One Pig Happy Family; Pt. One

I began working at the Pig when I was 14 years old. I am now 22 and still never want to leave. It occurred to me that I, more than likely, was not the only one that loved this place, the staff, and of course, my boss.

So, over the last few days I have gone around asking each of my co-workers what their favorite part about working at the Pig is. Their answers both surprised me and did not surprise me at all.

Our staff is very diverse, ranging in ages, ethnicity, educational levels, and many other aspects. Some people I asked have worked here 20 years, others 2 weeks. However, their answers were all pretty similar, which I thought was pretty cool.

I started with Mr. David, our fearless leader. I thought, since he has worked here since he was born, he deserved a different set of questions... his answers do not disappoint.

"What is your favorite memory of working here?" I asked.

"Coulda been the time I drove the Volkswagen through the back door just to see if it would fit... coulda been the time I stole Woody's gold cart... coulda been the time I wrestled a shoplifter to the ground."

For some context, David has a very fun sense of humor. Most of the time he talks, he is not being fully serious... however, I am pretty sure everything he said in that answer was 100% true. Also, Woody is a local who drives the free golf cart shuttle in Coligny. Woody, too, has a wild sense of humor. Pranking back in forth is the norm.

"What is your favorite thing to do here?" I asked David, still trying to regain his attention after hearing dozens of hilarious memories.

"Ok, ok... I'll try to be serious. My favorite thing is putting out fresh seafood and seeing it sell and watching people smile." David responded.

The last question was my favorite, and he answered it just like I thought he would.

"What is the most rewarding part about your job?"

"Watching the 14-year-olds I hire grow up and go on to do great things," David replied...and that is why I love my job.

David's responses were, by far, the most entertaining, as I anticipated. However, everyone else's answers were equally satisfying, touching my little Piggly Wiggly heart.

The rest of the crew was asked their name, their position, the length they have worked at the Pig, and what their favorite part about working here is. Here are some of their answers.

TJ; Butcher; 18 years

"PAYCHECK! and 'cause it feels like family."

Lenny; Stocker & Bagger; 4 years

"The cool co-workers."

Noelle, left & Emma, right

Noelle; Cashier; 3 years

"Being surrounded by food at all times. And the people, they're awesome."

Noah; Bagger; 2 weeks

"I get paid and I get to work with my sister." (Noah is Noelle's younger brother... so sweet!)

Barbara; Market Manager; 11 years

"TJ. He's my best friend."

Emma; Cashier; 4 years

"The people. Because I never hate to work with them." (thanks? haha!)

Sue A.; Night Manager; 6 years

"The people"

Hattie; Manager & Scan Coordinator; 10 years

"Being able to have my daughter come and work with me."

Erin; Stocker & Bagger; 2 years

"I don't just do one thing. It's fun." (Erin is Hattie's daughter.)

Payton; Cashier; 3 years

"I really like the price gun. It's really fun...and I like stocking the cups with straws...and talking to the customers...and the shirts, I have a lot of them. It's fun to work here."

Priscilla; Cashier & Night Manager; 8 months

"The customers and co-workers, and of course my boss. The local feel that the store brings together. Despite the 40,000 residents and millions of people that come through, you can still come to the Pig and run into your neighbor. We carry the most local products that I can find... and believe me, I've looked! And the seafood, of course, is delicious. Also, when I was just a customer here, Ann would always give me the 411 on what was on sale that week, what was worth buying, etc."

Well, there you have it. The Pig rocks and I'm not the only one that thinks it!

More interviews coming later in the week, stay tuned! (& shop local!)

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