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Interesting Customers with Interesting Questions

It is mid-June on Hilton Head Island. In most places, this may mean nothing more than it is HOT (and it is). But to Islanders, mid-June means BUSY. In the Summer months, we serve and speak with people from all over the country (and world) every day. While we do love our customers, sometimes their questions and comments just make us giggle. Some of the staff's prime bonding moments are derived from sharing these silly customer inquiries, so I have decided to share them with you.

The following story is told by Mrs. Sue S. (We have two Sue's and this Sue has been at the Pig for five years.) Sue closes every Saturday night, our busiest evening for business, as Saturday's are "check in" days on the island. Our customers are most interesting on Saturdays because they've typically just driven for a long period of time. They are tired, hungry, and usually need a drink. (We do not blame them for the things that they say.)

Noelle & Preston

"There are so many stories, I feel as if we could write a book or even a sitcom! After thinking over the funny, crazy, weird, and highly amusing things that occur daily, especially on Saturday nights in the Summer, I would like to share one of my favorite customer moments. One Saturday evening in July a few years ago, I was on a register giving a cashier a break when two women in their late thirties or so came to check out. They had two carts packed as full as possible and at least six or seven kids with them running wild. As one woman unloaded the first cart, the other asked where she could find liquor. I told her that it was too late and she could not get liquor til Monday [due to our state's liquor laws]. Before I got a chance to explain that the liquor stores close at 7pm every day and are closed on Sundays, she turned to the other woman and said, "no liquor." The woman listening heard "no liquor" and burst into tears. As she continued to cry, cradling a wine bottle, she commented in a very distressed voice that she had just driven for 14 hours with six kids. I looked her in the eye, told her all was well, and that she could still purchase beer and wine even on Sunday. The woman sniffled, smiled, and thanked me, still holding her precious wine bottle. We love to make people happy at the Pig!"

Let this tale be a lesson to all visitors; get your liquor before 7pm!

More piglets shared their favorite customer comments and questions... enjoy!

"Do y'all sell beef here?" *customer is standing at meat counter*

"What's the gray stringy stuff hanging from the trees here? Who puts it there??" ...We believe this customer was referring to Spanish Moss. (Mother Nature puts it there.)

"Do you have a deli?" *employee being asked was actually slicing deli meat at that moment*

"Do you work her

e?" *employee being asked was wearing a Pig shirt & stocking shelves* (I actually got this same response from a cashier, who was standing behind a register the time she got asked this question.)

"Where is coffee?" -customer

"Aisle 8" -employee

"Ok... Where is aile 8?"

(Probably between 7 and 9...?! of course we have to hold back these sarcastic responses, but in June it does get difficult.)

"Do you play basketball or volleyball?" (Two of our young ladies are exceptionally tall. They say they get this question quite frequently.)

"The Pig was recommended to me for its fresh and local seafood. Do you have Alaskan crab legs?" (Well, yes we do... however they will not be either fresh or local)

"Do you sell corn?"

"Do you sell bread?"

"Do you sell beer?"

YES...? We are a grocery store.

And, my personal favorite, "Is the island only for tourists? Do people actually live on this island? Are there schools??" Nope. We all run around barefoot and our mama's taught us everything we know. Ha!

Even though at times they make us wonder, we truly love our customers and all of the laughs they give us. Next time you are in the Pig, please, ask us anything. There is no way to shock us because, well, we've heard it all!

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